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Ranger du Nord
Ranger du Nord
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Escalade = terrain difficile ?

Mar 17 Nov 2020, 12:19
Tout est dans le titre, je me demande si on doit diviser par deux le déplacement maximum lorsqu'on réussit un test d'escalade.
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Fils d'Eorl
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Re: Escalade = terrain difficile ?

Mar 17 Nov 2020, 13:35
Livre de règles (eng), page 30 :

When faced with especially tall Obstacles, the likes of a rock face, a tumbledown
pile of statuary or raised scaffolding, a Climb test is often in order.
The major difference between jumping and climbing is whether a model is
attempting to increase its altitude by more than its own height.
When a model attempts to make a Climb test, it is important that there is some
way for it to scale the surface – handholds, jutting rocks, wooden crosspieces,
and so on. Whenever a model climbs in this manner, they are moving through
difficult terrain (see page 26)
. Areas that do not have these are considered to be
unscalable (see below).
Making a Climb test is simple. Move your model to the bottom of the surface
you wish to scale, roll a D6, compare the result to the Climb table on the left
and follow the instructions given.
A model may climb a surface or Obstacle of any height, provided that it is
scalable (see below). Cavalry models may not make Climb tests.
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